The HO-AM Prize (호암상, ​literally translated to the "lake and rock award"), which incepted in 1991, is Korea's version of the Nobel Prize and is awarded annually to people of Korean ethnicity worldwide who have made outstanding contributions in five fields: science, engineering, medicine, the arts, and community service. The sixth HO-AM Prize category is called the Special Field, which is awarded to individuals of any nationality who have made outstanding contributions to the Korean or the global society outside of the five specific fields mentioned above.

​This prize, named in honor of Samsung conglomerate's founding chairman (Lee Byung-Chul, who's pen name was Ho-Am, which reportedly means "filling up a space with clear water as lakes do, and being unshakeable as a large rock"), offers its recipients/laureates a diploma, a gold medal and a cash prize of approximately $275,000.

​For more information, please refer to the HO-AM Prize website:

The HO-AM Prize