​South Korean Olympians - since 1948, the Republic of Korea (South Korea) has participated in the Olympic Games. In addition to the South Korean Olympians already addressed individually in this subchapter, below are some additional pivotal achievements by South Korean Olympians to date: 

​1) In the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics, Yang Jung-Mo (양정모​) won the first ever Gold Medal for South Korea in the Olympic Games (Freestyle Wrestling - Featherweight division); 

​2) In the 1992 Albertville (France) Winter Olympics, Kim Ki-Hoon (김기훈) won the first ever Gold Medal for South Korea in the Winter Olympic Games (1000m Short Track Speed Skating).  NOTE: The South Korean 5000m Short Track Speed Skating Relay Team (which included Kim Ki-Hoon) also won a Gold Medal at the same 1992 Albertville Olympics; and 

​3) The three (3) most-decorated South Korean Olympians in terms of Gold Medals are:

a) Jin Jong-Oh (진종오) (4 Golds): Shooting - Summer 2008, 2012, 2016
b) Kim Soo-Nyung (김수녕) (4 Golds): Archery - Summer 1988, 1992, 2000 
c) Chun Lee-Kyung (전이경) (4 Golds): Short Track Speed Skating - Winter 1994, 1998.​​

South Korean Olympians