Jai-Pil Soh

Source: reddit.com

Jai-Pil Soh (aka Philip Jaisohn) (서재필; b. Jan. 1864 - Jan. 1951) - as the first Korean immigrant to become a naturalized U.S. citizen in 1890, Soh then became the first Asian-American medical doctor, receiving his medical degree in 1892. 

Convicted of treason in Korea in 1884 for his involvement in the Gap-Sin Coup/Revolution (갑신정변), which aimed at overturning the old Korean regime and to bring social reforms to abolish the long-standing class system, Soh fled Korea in 1885 and came to America as a political exile. 

​After establishing himself in the U.S. and adopting the name of Philip Jaisohn, he became a Korean-American political activist, as well as a champion of the Korean independence movement, especially following the 1919 March 1st Movement to protest against Japanese rule in Korea. Eventually, Soh also served as a chief advisor to the U.S. Army  Military Government in Korea after World War II.