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​Blue House (Cheong-Wa-Dae; 청와대) - translated as "The House with Blue Rooftiles" or "pavilion of blue tiles," the Blue House is a series of building complexes that constitute the official presidential residence and executive office of the President of the Republic of Korea/South Korea. Built on the site of the royal villa of the Goryeo/Koryo Dynasty and the royal garden and the ultimate main royal palace (Gyeong-Bok-Gung, in central Seoul) of the Joseon/Chosun Dynasty, the current Blue House complex was officially completed and opened only in 1991. Prior to its completion in 1991, the ROK's presidential office and residence was initially called Gyeong-Mu-Dae (경무대), which, prior to the establishment of the Republic of Korea in 1948, was the residence/office for the Governor-General of Korea from Japan following its annexation of Korea in 1910. Gyeong-Mu-Dae reportedly existed on or around the current Blue House complex, and, in 1960, the name of this Japanese-built building was officially changed to Cheong-Wa-Dae. Following the 1991 completion of the current Blue House/Cheong-Wa-Dae complex, the old Cheong-Wa-Dae/Gyeong-Mu-Dae was reportedly dismantled in 1993. 

Blue House